• Georgia Tech 한국인 현황

    과대표과 총인원석사박사박사후방문/R.E
    Aerospace Engineering (AE)3892324
    School of Biological Science (BIOSCI)122514
    Biomedical Engineering (BME)13145
    Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering (CHBE)271782
    Chemistry & Biochemistry (CHEM)431
    Civil & Environmental Engineering (CEE)3262321
    College of Design (COD)2541524
    College of Business (COB)0
    College of Computing (COC)3810244
    Earth & Atmospheric Science (EAS)541
    Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE)664611
    History and Sociology (HTS)11
    Industrial & Systems Engineering (ISYE)133244
    Materials Science & Engineering (MSE)14122
    Mathematics (MATH)55
    Mechanical Engineering (ME)233155
    School of Physics (PHYS)22
    School of Public Policy (SPP)761
    School of Psychology (PSY)211